24 Jul

Choosing the best Supermarkets in Dubai: Is it that hard?

Choosing the best Supermarkets in Dubai can be a hard choice for many. It is because of the fact that all supermarkets give the same level of service to their customers. However, if we were to observe the same closely, then it becomes clear that all supermarkets provide the same sub-level service to their customers. It is high time that supermarkets must improve their code of conduct to include more services and customer oriented practices. A supermarket can only standout from the rest of the co

3 Jul

Indian chats Werribee

Indian Chat has been a favorite snack in most of the countries, where both Indians and foreigners enjoy them with equal pleasure. Having an Indian Chat in Werribee is like relishing different textures and flavors in just a single dish: crispiness from fried papri, spicy potatoes, chickpeas, coolness and creaminess of the yogurt, sharpness of the red onion, a fragrance and freshness of coriander, and a crunch of the sprouted moong beans, all topped with many sweet and sour chutneys. It makes ever