2 Nov

Chana Dal Banana Kheer: The South Indian Delicacy

Chana Dal Banana Kheer dessert is a must for so many obvious reasons. This recipe is South Indian cuisine which is added with the sliced bananas and mashed chana dal, that are relished by everyone. It could turn out to be an ideal delicacy in the times of dinner or lunch. Added with the richness of raisins & cashews, it could be enjoyed on several joyful events such as get-togethers and buffets and such other functions.

5 Oct

Pizza Restaurants Near Me – Coneizza Shop Near My Location

Are you ready to your taste buds with our fresh, , and scrumptious pizza? Order now and get it delivered at your doorsteps in no time. We are the most favorite place of the foodies holding a special corner in their for the Italian food. To satiate your hunger & to bring something new to your traditional pizza menu, we have crossed the boundaries and now serve your favorite pizza in a cone.

3 Oct

Pizza flavoured Idli Muffins: To Relish Lavishly With Family

Pizza flavored Idli Muffins is a dish that makes the accompaniments more tasty. With right combination of flavors, the pizza flavored Idli Muffins has always favorite of everyone. The recipe is so easy that it could be prepared in restaurant style utilising the ingredients. The time taken while making the Idli Muffins is ten mins and the time taken for cooking is also ten mins.