27 Feb

merchandise exports from india scheme

Merchandise exports from India scheme (MEIS) was introduced and started under the foreign trade policy of India commonly known as (FTP). The objective or the goal of MEIS is to offset physical as well as organisationalincompetency, as well as the costs that are related to products and goods that are made in India. This in turn increases the need for labour therefore making a way for the unemployed and providing them with the much-needed boost in the form of a job.

26 Feb

IEC Code Online Application

Has the import export business always fascinated you? Are you interested in starting a business but have no clue as to how to go about it? Here are some facts that you need to know prior to embarking upon this business, starting with an Importer Exporter Code or an IEC. The next thought on you mind without doubt would be, what does one do to receive an IEC? Well, one can fill in an IEC code online application that is available.